Why You Should Watch Superboy!!!


Superboy: The Legacy’s Tom Gallagher breaks down, “Why You Should Watch Superboy!”

Tom highlights a number of great aspects about the series from special guests to some of the best scripted episodes ever put to film. So sit back, relax and let Tom tell you all about the great Adventures of Superboy TV Series!

Host By: Tom Gallagher
Filmed & Edited By: Tom Gallagher
Graphics By: Jon Fendt & Tom Gallagher

Copyright Superboy: The Legacy 2022


  1. One thing to note is that Cary Bates, who wrote some Superboy eps, was also writing a big-screen Superman film featuring Brainiac. Set to come out in the mid 90s. It was the first effort to bring Superman back to the big screen. Unfortunately, WB quashed that effort and pivoted to making a Doomsday and brought on non-comic writers who wanted to make big changes in Superman.

    On Lois and Clark – Superboy was canceled to make way for Lois and Clark. Despite Superboy being a top ten TV show at that time. The Salkinds wanted two more seasons of Superboy but WB said no.


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