Superboy: The Legacy Podcast SUPERMENACE Commentary Track


In the fourth commentary track, Sam is joined by co-host Tom Gallagher. The guys look at the season two episode “SUPER-MENACE,” Superboy is exposed to red kryptonite during some lab testing and turns evil. The military drafts Metallo in an attempt to bring Superboy in to cure him from the exposure to the red kryptonite.

So grab your Superboy DVDs or stream the episodes via Amazon Prime or DC Universe App! Kick back watch and listen with Sam & Tom as they look back on these two great episodes from the Superboy: TV Series!

Hosted By: Sam J. Rizzo & Tom Gallagher

Edited By: Tom Gallagher

In Podcast Graphics By: Tom Gallagher Logo By: Jon Fendt

Copyright 2020


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