Superboy: The Legacy Livestream Tonight at 8/7 Central


Tonight on Superboy: The Legacy Livestream, Sam is joined by writer and podcaster from “Multiverse Musings Podcast Network,” Adam Basciano, “’s Gone But Not Forgotten,” series writer Dave Arroyo, and the talented filmmaker, editor, and graphic designer maestro from Aaron Price Productions, the man himself – Aaron Price!

Livestream Tonight @ 8/7pm Central on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, & Periscope!

We discuss these three topics this evening related to the Adventures of Superboy Series:

Topic #1 – Legacy casting on the new CW’s “SUPERMAN & LOIS,” series! Who from the cast of Superboy we would like to see be cast and what roles we think they would be perfect for.

Topic #2 – Composer Kevin Kiner’s Superboy Complete Musical Score…We discuss some of our favorite tracks from his score and discuss why there hasn’t been a release of his complete score as of yet and why there should be a release!

Topic #3 – Restoring the Superboy Series through new Video Enhanced AI Technology! In our last topic, we discuss with filmmaker & editor, Aaron Price about what would go into a restoration of the Superboy series along with the recent release of this new Topaz Video Enhance AI Tech from Topaz Labs and how that could play a key in many cult TV shows getting some sort of restorations.

Plus we take your questions and comments during the show!!!

Please join us Tonight at 8/7 Central on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, & Periscope! The show will be available tomorrow on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Overcast podcast platforms!

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