Hell Breaks Loose


    Original Airdate: December 1, 1991

    As construction is being done at the Bureau, workers begin to notice strange things.
    Tools are found twisted and mangled, they hear unexplained noises and voices, and see phantom lights. Clark and Lana, working late one night, hear something strange as well. Investigating, a strange wind from inside the room nearly blows Lana out the window. The next day, the workers find a second wall behind the one they were breaking down and, between the two, a clarinet. (In the Thirties, the building housed a grand ballroom called the Trocadel.) Lana decides to call in paranormal specialists, and that night they discover a gun where the clarinet had been. Later, it shoots itself into the wall which Superboy then crashes down, revealing a human skeleton. It is the remains of a clarinet player, Johnny Carino, who once worked with the mob that owned the Trocadel. In love with Lisa, Johnny decided to go straight. His boss doesn’t see eye to eye, and had Johnny shot and stuffed in the wall. But Johnny’s spirit can’t rest easy as he had promised Lisa that that very night they would go away together -she was to meet him back at the Trocadel. He had told her that he would wait for her -forever if he had to. Lana finds Lisa who, though elderly, is still alive and brings her to the Bureau where the spirit of Johnny has created a wind tunnel and is jeopardizing the lives of everyone there, even Superboy. The disturbance subsides when Lisa approaches and Johnny’s voice tells her that he waited, and he will still be waiting when she’s ready. His mission over, the Bureau rests at peace once more.

    Guest cast: Gerard Christopher as Johnny Carino, Phyllis Alexion as Lisa, Bever-leigh Banfield, James Delmar as Ben, Fred Ottoviano as Jeno, Michael Edwards as the officer, Paul Vroom as the henchman, Frank Eugene Matthews, Jr. as Eddie, Chris Labban as the young Eddie, Jim Candelora as the band leader.