Know Thine Enemy, Part Two


    Original Airdate: November 24, 1991

    Lana is able to break Superboy out of Luthor’ s memory loop before he becomes embedded in it forever. They look for information on Lena, only to find the article on her death. After further investigation, however, it seems that she may have faked it. Lana continues her search as Superboy follows a signal he believes is coming from Lex. Instead, he finds Darla, who has shot Lex in the arm and is seeking Superboy’s help. She leads Superboy to Lex’s new lab where Lex insists there’s no way to stop the bomb. When Lana shows up with Lena -who explains to Lex how much she’s hated him -he is determined to go ahead with the destruction. But the Lex android, whom Luthor programmed so well with his love for Lena, stops the countdown as Lex, forever hurting, insists he never loved his sister.

    Guest cast: Jennifer Hawkins as Lena at twelve, Denise Gossett as Lena at twenty-three, Kathy Gustafson-Hilton as Lex’s mother, Edgar Allen Poe IV as Lex’s father, Ryan Porter as the bully, Bob Sokoleras the newscaster.