Know Thine Enemy, Part One


    Original Airdate: November 17, 1991

    Lana wakes to the voice of Lex Luthor on her radio, telling all of Capitol City that they only have six hours to live. To Darla’s chagrin, however, this is not yet another ploy for ransom money. Lex is determined to blow the two of them up with the rest of the world. Luthor lures Superboy to his old lab, where he and Lana find a contraption which, when he puts on the attached headset. plunges Superboy into Lex’s memories as Lex himself, There, he learns that Lex was the victim of a physically and mentally abusive father and that the only light in his life was his younger sister, Lena. Lana, seeing Superboy suffering, tries to discover how to break the trance and, finding none, enters Luthor’s memories herself. As Darla pleads with Lex, we discover that Lena has recently died and that Lex has created Lex and Lena androids that will live together forever, as he once had promised her -alone in the world.

    Guest cast: Jennifer Hawkins as Lena at twelve, Denise Gossett as Lena at twenty-three, Kathy Gustafson-Hilton as Lex’s mother, Edgar Allen Poe IV as Lex’s father, Ryan Porter as the bully, Bob Sokoler as the newscaster.