Original Airdate: November 10, 1991

    Just as reports of a U.F.O. come in, Jackson’s superiors show up at the office, claiming that
    one of the field operatives knows something of interest to national security. They begin grueling interviews with all the staff, making them all paranoid. Though the little group is normally quite loyal to each other, they now begin to look atone another with suspicion. Particularly vocal are Lou and Alexis. That night, when one of the superiors, Flynn, is seen by Lou and Clark, dead and bleeding, yet minutes later Lana sees him alive, the group gets to thinking. They realize that the two superiors, and the two policemen who came to investigate the murder are aliens, trying to cover up evidence at the bureau. Clark is able to slip out as the aliens decide to leave and captures them all in the elevator. More aliens show up and explain that the captured four are convicts and that their race generates emotions, in this case paranoia, the way humans generate heat.

    Guest cast: Jack Larson as Lou Lamont, Noel Neill as Alexis Andrews, Jordan
    Williams as Flynn, Kevin Corrigan as Mel Stuart, Elizabeth Fendrick as Margaret, Max Brown as the leader, Jeffrey Breslauer as the cop, Tony Shepperd as Charlie.