Darla Goes Ballistic


    Original Airdate: November 3, 1991

    While Lex Luthor is feverishly working on a potion to make himself an even greater genius. Darla is getting more and more annoyed. Lex barely spends time with her as it is, and now it’s her birthday! He won’t pay attention and, finally, she destroys his experiment to get him to react. He does – and tells her to go ahead and kill herself if that is what she wants. Instead, she unknowingly drinks his experiment and becomes a human supercomputer, with psychokinetic powers as well. Darla sets her sights on Superboy, and kidnaps Clark and Lana to lure the boy of steel. Clark convinces Lex to let him go – that he can get to Superboy, who will help Lex create an antidote. Armed with the antidote and a bottle of champagne, Lex tries to get the cure into Darla. She guesses his intent, and is willing, but can’t let down the force shield she has subconsciously built around herself. But there is an even simpler antidote – all Lex has to do is give her what she wanted in the first place – a little love and understanding.

    Guest cast: Tracy Roberts as Darla, Ronald Knight as the bank CEO.