The Basement


    Original Airdate: October 27, 1991

    When Lana takes a field call to investigate a basement for ghosts, she finds none -only an alien that takes over the identities of others. The alien takes on Lana’s form and is about to take her entire identity when it is interrupted. Lana uses the distraction to damage the identity stealing device. The creature, however, is able to get enough of Lana’s memories and behavior before the device breaks to pass for her at the Bureau. The alien realizes that she needs Lana in order to lure Superboy to her. But she makes the mistake of telling Clark she’ll be back. When she does not return on time, Clark, concerned because Lana is always punctual, goes to the basement as Superboy. There, he is confronted with two identical Lanas. He chooses the wrong one until the alien, not knowing that Lana lied to her, tells Superboy to kill the real Lana
    -just as he always kills his enemy. Now knowing which is the alien -Lana knows he always tries not to kill -a struggle ensues. The creature attaches her shape-changing device to Superboy
    but he is able to dislodge it, and the alien is transformed to the substance her device is now attached to -thin air!

    Guest cast: Cassandra Leigh Abel as the girl.