The Kryptonite Kid


    Original Airdate: October 20, 1991

    While trying to find a cure for Superboy’s weakness to Kryptonite, a young genius, Mike Walker, gets blasted with the green stuff, which begins to take over his body. Mike, scared, dying and angry, breaks out of the military institute where he so recently worked and begins a rampage across the city as the “Kryptonite Kid”, a green man who can blast energy from his fingertips. Superboy, unable to approach the Kryptonite Kid, enlists some help from a look-alike, Vic Ferraro, who had been jailed for impersonating Superboy. Vic approaches the Kryptonite Kid, trying to convince him to return to the lab where a cure for his condition has been found. When the kid realizes Vic is an impostor, the real Superboy has to step in, despite his weakness to Kryptonite. While all the military stand and watch, only Vic, who has just lately learned about heroism, steps back in to help save the day.

    Guest cast: Jay Underwood as Mike Walker and the Kryptonite Kid, Leo V. Finnie, III, Sharon Camille as the babe, David Carrand Dawn McClendon as the reporters.