Rites of Passage, Part Two


    Original Airdate: May 17, 1992

    The holographic image of the Krypton elder explains to Clark that his powers were taken away because he can not control them until he gets the purple crystal and completes the rites of passage. If this is not done within eight hours, his powers will be gone forever. Meanwhile, Jackson, Matt and Lana arrive in Smallville and visit the scene of Jackson ‘s investigation twenty odd years earlier. He remembers passing a pickup truck, and they decide to question area residents, starting with the Kents who own the closest property. Ma and Pa Kent are not very helpful, but Jackson sees their old truck which they admit is twenty-five years old, while the Kents learn that Jackson is waiting for the purple crystal to be delivered to his hotel at any moment. Matt takes the car and heads off to the hotel to get the package, while Lana and Jackson walk off to continue their questioning. Clark takes the truck to try and head Matt off but, though he is successful, an old bully from his Smallville days works at the hotel and will not relinquish the package to anyone but Jackson. Clark goes home and, as Matt arrives to get the same song and dance from the hotel clerk, Clark returns in the Superboy suit and succeeds in scaring the bully off. He convinces Matt to let him have the package and returns to the ship just in time to place the crystal in the proper receptacle and undergo the rites of passage. His powers are returned and Clark is ready to return with the others the next day-until the next time of the passage.