Rites of Passage, Part One


    Original Airdate: May 10, 1992

    As Clark celebrates his birthday, a series of events occur: the ship in which he arrived on Earth begins to hum and glow, the purple crystal which was taken from the spot where his ship landed begins to hum and glow, and Clark begins to lose control of his powers. Ma and Pa Kent call him when the ship begins its manifestations and Clark rushes home. At the same time, Jackson, who investigated Superboy’ s landing site twenty years earlier is called into go back to Smallville. Afraid to go back in the field alone after all this time behind a desk, Jackson takes Matt along with him and Lana, knowing something strange is going on with Clark, insists on going as well. When Clark gets back to Smallville and enters the ship, he is greeted by a holographic image of a Krypton elder who instructs him to place the purple crystal in the receptacle or emergency measures will be taken. Of course, Clark does not have the purple crystal and he soon finds out just what those emergency measures are – his powers are taken away.