Original Airdate: May 3, 1992

    The bureau has a new mystery on their hands. It seems that old people are dying with the IDs of young people in their wallets -young people that are missing. As Clark and Matt investigate one of the latest deaths, an old woman seems to be constantly on their trail, a trail which finally leads to a health club owned and run by Adrian Temple, a man who is much older than he looks.As Matt talks to Temple, Clark sees the old woman outside and rushes out to catch her. He is forced to tum into Superboy to stop her from being run down by a truck and when he does he finds the woman is none other than Lana. She explains that the transformation began not long after she was at Temple’s health club and fell asleep during a rub down. Lana went to a doctor who, after finding traces of gold in Lana’s blood, began to look into the history of alchemy. The doctor shows up at Temple’s office just as Lana and Superboy go back to find it in a shambles, and they take the vial of gold liquid which they find in Temple’s refrigerator to analyze it. The results lead the doctor to believe that Temple uses the blood of young people, along with the gold liquid, to keep himself young. When he gives them his own blood in return the age passes on to his victims. Temple follows their trail to the doctor’s office and bursts in on them, in search of his elixir. He’s willing to strike a deal-he’ll give them the antidote to save Lana for some of Superboy’s blood. They agree but, instead of Superboy’s blood, they transfuse Temple with the blood of an old man and when he returns to his proper age, Lana is given back her own.

    Guest cast: Rowdy Roddy Piper as Adrian Temple, Robin O’Neil as Sasha, Judy Clayton as Dr. Stem, Bret Cipes as Nathan Steeps, Stacy Black as the receptionist, Valerie Bastilone as the woman body builder, Roger Floyd as the first kid, Joe Bradley as old Jeff Olson, Billy Gillespie as the pathologist.