A Change of Heart, Part Two


    Original Airdate: October 13, 1991

    Adam Verrel, a prestigious citizen who just happens to be manipulating the minds of everyone in Capitol City, has framed Superboy with the murder of Lana Lang. Superboy agrees to go to jail and await trial while Adam uses Lana, whose death he simulated, to lure Tommy Puck into helping him destroy the people of Capitol City. Tommy, afraid for Lana, agrees while the city gets crazier and crazier. Finally, Superboy decides he must break out of jail to save his city and, as he does so, learns there is a cure for Tommy’s disease. Superboy realizes the monitors are to blame for the growing insanity, and begins to smash them. Using the monitors, Verrel shows Superboy that Lana is alive in his power and Superboy must try to save her. With the help of Tommy Puck, who kills Verrel, Lana is freed.But when Puck hears there is a cure for his disease, he appears to have another change of heart and runs off-perchance to experiment again?

    Guest cast: Michael DesBarre as Adam Verrel, Bill Mumy [Lost in Space] as Tommy Puck, Carla Copps as Deana, Frank Eugene Matthews, Jr. as Ernie, Bill Cordell as Dr. Connelly, Jim McDonald as Lt. Walker, Don Fitzgerald as the mayor, Jay Glick as the priest, Kathy Poling as the smiling woman, Robert Reynolds as the security guard, Danny Haneman as the prison guard, Bob Norris as the man, Dennis Neal as the first reporter, Tricia Jean Matthews as the second reporter, Chris Calvert as the gang leader, Bob Sokoler as the newscaster.