Obituary for a Super-Hero


    Original Airdate: April 26, 1992

    As we watch a montage of clips from past episodes of Superboy, we hear the voice of a news anchor talking about the boy of steel in the past tense. As the reporter continues his story, he explains what little is known at this point. The Coast Guard had received a distress call from a yacht near Capitol City.Just as they neared the yacht, they saw Superboy landing on the deck only to disappear seconds later during an enormous explosion. As the reporter continues his coverage of the event, including man on the street interviews, and a direct link with the Coast Guard who are searching for Superboy’s body, Lex Luthor calls in. When the Coast Guard captain says his sonar’s found something shaped like a human body, but that the sonar bounces off it like it was made of steel, it seems the guessing is over and Superboy is really dead. Luthor pops the cork off his champagne a little early, however. He has now taken over one of the TV monitors, and begins to gloat to Lana, who is in the studio, about how he planted the kryptonite bomb aboard the yacht. But as he is gloating, the captain shows the news anchor what the sonar really found -an old brass figurehead. Superboy had seen the bomb in time and gone underwater, moving the figurehead under the yacht to fake his own death so that the murderer would step forward. As Luthor sputters over the raising of the figurehead, Superboy steps up behind him, surprising Luthor and the rest of the country except for one little boy who just knew Superboy couldn’t be dead.

    Guest cast: Bill Mumy [Lost in Space] as Tommy Puck, Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Michael Callan as Metallo, George Sarris as Mandel, Elizebeth Rothan as the female reporter, Lesa Thurman as the bureau worker, Jesse Leipter as the boy, Joanna Garcia as the girl, Kristin Trueison as scholarly type, Jim Grimshaw as the Coast Guard captain.