Cat and Mouse


    Original Airdate: April 19, 1992

    Clark is greeted at the office with some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, because of government cutbacks, his job has been eliminated. The good news is he’s being promoted so he can keep working at the Bureau.But the bad news is he’s got to have a psychiatric evaluation first. Clark is understandably concerned-will he be able to go through the evaluation without giving away his identity or refusing to answer any questions? He decides to go ahead and is examined by Dr. Samantha Meyers who finds him a bit frustrating, although interesting. With every question she asks, a montage of clips from past shows is triggered and he must answer with a qualification. Dr. Meyers begins to believe he must be hiding something, but has faith that the lie detector test will unearth it. Even on the lie detector test, although Clark gets some difficult questions, he again is able to qualify them. For instance when asked if he’s ever willingly destroyed public or private property, he answers “Only in emergencies.” The machine stays steady throughout all the questions except the last” Have you ever used an alias?” The needle of the lie detector goes wild as Clark tries to figure out how to answer this without lying or giving himself away, until it finally smokes and catches fire. He has only one more test to go – she tells him her recommendation will be against his promotion. Determined, Clark tells her that he will appeal her decision – he’s an asset to the Bureau – when she smiles. That was the answer she was waiting for – proof that he is not too meek for the job.

    Guest cast: Erin Gray [Buck Rogers] as Dr. Samantha Meyers, Michael Owens as Mayall, Paul Daray as Capt. Quintin, Michael Balin as Lt. Felton, Kevin Benton as Desmond, Christine Moore as Neila, Robert Miano as Garrett Woods, Michael Des Barres as Adam Verrell, Walter Hook as Anatoil, Frank Hilgenberg as Dave.