Who is Superboy?


    Original Airdate: March 1, 1992

    A new computer is brought to the Bureau that is capable of recreating incidents when given pictures of the location and the participants, and an eyewitness account. The salesman leaves it there until the next day so they can try it out, giving Lana and idea -she ‘II come back that night and try to find out who Superboy is. Very apprehensively, Clark goes with her and as Lana goes through the Superboy incidents she remembers, we see a montage of clips from past episodes. In the final analysis, it seems Clark is the only one who is always there at an incident, but never there once Superboy shows up. Clark tries to point out all the things that could be wrong with the analysis -all the incidents were recreated from Lana’s memory, Superboy could have more than one alter identity, etc. -when she decides to combine all the events and let the computer decide who Superboy is. The machine goes into action, and we see another montage of clips, when Lana suddenly deletes the program. If Superboy doesn’t want anyone to know who he is, she decides to respect his wishes. As the two start off to get a pizza, they hear the squeal of brakes and a loud crash. Clark, of course, has to beg off on their meal and Lana, obviously still suspicious, kisses him and lets him go.

    Guest cast: Brett Rice as Whitehead, Joe Candelora as the governor, Bob Barnes as the warden, Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Shanna Teare as Bizarro Lana, Gregory Miller as Llewelyn, Christine Moore as Nella, Bill Painter as the police officer, Kellus Mathews as the security guard, Kelly Erin Welton as the werewolf, Rod Doll as the worker.