Out of Luck


    Original Airdate: February 23, 1992

    A two-bit thief, Charlie Carmichael, pulls a job on an old coin shop and makes off with a cursed coin that gives him good luck while giving bad luck to all who come near him. As Clark and Lana see Charlie driving recklessly, Clark becomes Superboy and tries to stop him but before he can get to Charlie, a telephone pole is struck by lightning and begins to fall towards Lana. In the interference, Charlie gets away while, after catching the pole, Superboy himself is struck by lightning. The proximity to Charlie and his coin starts a string of bad luck for Lana and Superboy, who can’t seem to get his rescue missions right. Superboy himself comes to believe in the curse and, when he arrives in the nick of time to save Lana who’s been kidnapped by Carmichael, is unable to act. Lana tells him she’s learned the incantation to counteract the curse and Superboy, using it, gets his confidence back and is able to defeat Charlie. When Lana later tells him the incantation was just some Latin she remembered from high school, it seems
    the curse isn’t real until we see that Charlie was no longer in possession of the coin when Superboy overcame him. Charlie dropped the coin at the last job he did, and it has now been picked up by someone else -to start the chain again?

    Guest cast: Pat Cupo as Charlie Carmichael, Jack Swanson as Corrigan, Larry Bucklan as Bob, Sam Ayres as Andrew, Steve Oumothel as Phillip, Donald Fergusson as Bennett, Kathy Neff as Mrs. Berger, Kathy Bronston as the woman, Trisha Colligan as the first nun, Kim Gabriel as the second nun, Mindy Bronston as the woman, Craig Thomas as the director.