West of Alpha Centauri


    Original Airdate: February 2, 1992

    A small titanium colored cube, which a young boy saw drop out of the sky, is brought to the Bureau for Extra-normal Matters. When it begins ticking, and the police bomb squad can’t penetrate the cube’s surface, Superboy is called in. As Superboy breaks the cube’s surface and disarms the bomb, an alarm goes off inside and a man appears in a bolt of lightning. He grabs Superboy and, much to the boy of steel’s surprise, the other man is stronger. When Lana interferes, she is transported along with the other two into a space ship. She and Superboy are then put into the ship’s prison where they find many others whose grandparents were put there for mutiny. The present captain brought Superboy there because one of the prison factions believes a savior will come symbolized by what looks much like Superboy’s S shield. The captain hoped that once they saw that Superboy couldn’t get out of the prison, they’d stop plotting. Superboy tries to convince the prisoners to band together -there are several factions fighting among themselves-but they seem unable to do so. Finally, Superboy challenges the captain’s right hand man -the same one who caught him before -and, as they fight, manages to convince him that the captain is lost. When it’s obvious that Superboy’s opponent believes him, the guard won’t let him out either. Finally all the prisoners band together, free themselves, and leave the captain alone in the prison, still shouting out orders.

    Guest cast: Gregory E. Boyd as Ta-El, Andrew Clark as Capt. Vladic, Kevin Quigley as Sage, Darren Dollar as the first mate, Angie Harper as Zaren, Patrick Cherry as Orek, Michael Monroe as the bomb squad man.