To Be Human, Part Two


    Original Airdate: January 26, 1992

    Superboy awakens to find himself still in a weakened state and trapped in Chaos’ hideout, an old abandoned hotel. Chaos, seeing Superboy conscious, begins to kick and beat him in front of cameras set to televise the event to the world, as Chaos preaches the futility of hope. Bill/Bizarro sees what is happening to Superboy and becomes confused. Bill knows the only thing that can save Superboy is for him to reverse the process and become a freak again. Though at first he refuses to do this, he realizes Superboy would never allow him to suffer, and Bill asks the doctor to change him back to Bizarro. While Bill is transforming back into Bizarro, Lana finds Superboy’ s trail and goes to the hotel alone. She struggles with Chaos for his gun and is thrown off the roof of the building. But before she can be hurt, Bizarro catches Lana and carries her to the roof where he confronts Chaos, who tries to convince Bizarro that the two of them are brother-freaks. Bizarro sees the truth in this, but is still attached to his brother Superboy, and therefore must fight Chaos. Afterwards, although Bizarro cannot be changed back into Bill, the research doctor begins the slow but rewarding process of teaching Bizarro as he is.

    Guest cast: Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Paul Mccrane as Chaos, Patricia Helwick as Dr. Lynn, Leith Audrey as Bizarro Lana, Russ Blackwell as the first policeman, Michael Monroe as the second policeman.