To Be Human, Part One


    Original Airdate: January 19, 1992

    While listening to a newscaster describing the panic and confusion created by a
    super-terrorist called Chaos, we open on a touching scene, in a quaint but misshapen cottage, where Bizarro Lana is lovingly serving an equally bizarre breakfast to Bizarro. The mood is not to last, however, as Bizarro Lana’s body begins to smoke, and she bursts into flames. As Bizarro later grieves beside her grave, Superboy comes to comfort him, and decides to take him to a research doctor to see what can be done to make Bizarro more human. The doctor concludes that the only hope is to transfer Superboy’s brain-waves to Bizarro. She knows that Bizarro will gain intelligence, but lose his powers, rendering him almost human. The effect it will have on Superboy, however, is unknown. They go ahead with the procedure, and Bizarro does indeed gain intelligence. The doctor begins the process of teaching him as Superboy leaves, feeling only slightly dizzy. Bizarro makes great progress and, once his skin has been altered to look human, visits Clark who christens him Bill. But Clark/ Superboy is not so fortunate and his dizziness and weakness gets worse. When Superboy attempts to stop Chaos’ latest terrorism, he is struck down, and Chaos throws Superboy’s limp body into his car and speeds away.

    Guest cast: Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Paul Mccrane as Chaos, Patricia Helwick as Dr. Lynn, Leith Audrey as Bizarro Lana, Russ Blackwell as the first policeman, Michael Monroe as the second policeman.