Into the Mystery


    Original Airdate: December 8, 1991

    Superboy is haunted. Haunted by the vision of Azrael, a mysterious woman who seems to bring disaster wherever she appears, yet he is the only one who sees her. And he is haunted by the memory of his Aunt Cassandra, a favorite relative whom the rest of his family never understood. As Clark tries to track his Aunt Cassandra, he becomes convinced that there is some relation between his aunt and Azrael. He finds Cassandra in a small town, stricken with cancer, and wishing that death would take her soon. Yet she prayed to see her nephew, Clark, once more. Death, in the form of Azrael, heeded her prayer, and led Clark to his aunt. While once we were able to see only the destruction death could bring, we now see the solace it is capable of as Azrael welcomes Cassandra into open arms and she is engulfed in light.

    Guest cast: Peggy O’Neal as Azrael, Frances Peach as Aunt Cassandra, Edan Gross as the young Clark, Tina Dean Taylor as Cody, Andy Isaacs as Andy, Jack Carroll as the hardware store owner, Gayila Cole as the elderly beautician, Debra Anne Gay as Miss Cooper, Kurt Smildsin as the driver, Bob Sokoler as the anchor.