A Change of Heart, Part One


    Original Airdate: October 6, 1991

    Lana has been waiting for Superboy for a long time and now, tired of loving a superhero, begins to date Adam Verrel, one of Capitol City’s richest bachelors. But he’s also the most evil. While Adam is busy dating Lana, he is also planting suggestions of malcontent in people’s minds. Throughout the city, there are huge television monitors which Adam has set up at his own expense, to broadcast messages encouraging people to care for their city. Unfortunately, although what is heard are such motivating sayings as “A clean city is happy city,” the subliminal message plays quite a different tune. People begin to act more and more strangely, while becoming more violent as well. Superboy is warned of Verrel’s intent by Tommy Puck, once an evil criminal who had developed the technology Verrel is using, but had a change of heart since contracting a fatal disease after volunteering for a medical experiment in jail. When he learns of Verrel’s duplicity, Superboy rushes to protect Lana, only to have Adam frame the boy of steel for Lana’s death. But can she really be dead?

    Guest cast: Michael DesBarres as Adam Verrel, Bill Mumy [Lost in Space] as Tommy Puck, Carla Copps as Deana, Frank Eugene Matthews, Jr. as Ernie, Bill Cordell as Dr. Connelly, Jim McDonald as Lt. Walker, Don Fitzgerald as the mayor, Jay Glick as the priest, Kathy Poling as the smiling woman, Robert Reynolds as the security guard, Danny Haneman as the prison guard, Bob Norris as the man, Dennis Neal as the first reporter, Tricia Jean Matthews as the second reporter, Chris Calvert as the gang leader, Bob Sokoler as the newscaster.