Test of Time


    Original Airdate: December 1, 1990

    Lana and Clark are out tramping through the woods while working on a story. Suddenly Clark sees something strange with his super-vision: what looks like a miniature tornado quickly approaches them, and picks up, spins, and throws Clark to the ground. When he stands up, Clark sees Lana frozen in position, and he goes for help-only to find the rest of Smallville frozen in place. After some investigation he learns that the town isn’t frozen in place, but is just moving extremely slowly, but then decides that the world has remained the same, he is just moving fast. Eventually he discovers the truth: two aliens come to Earth in search of a new planet to invade, and are subjecting Clark to a series of tests, using their power to control time, in order to learn the weaknesses of humans. Keeping his true identity a secret, Clark uncovers their schemes and misleads them into thinking all humans have supernatural strength.

    Guest cast: Eric Conger as Alien #1, Bryce Word as Alien #2, Rex Benson, Danny Haneman as the driver.