Original Airdate: November 24, 1990

    When people start to mysteriously vanish, Lana’s investigations lead to a small time traveling
    carnival, run by a satanic stranger, Deville. She discovers that Deville and the carnival date back 108 years and there is a history of people reported missing whenever the carnival shows
    up. Lana is captured by the sinister Deville who transforms himself into the likeness of Samuels, a scoundrel who has once before caused Superboy to lose his temper -all part of Deville’s plot to taunt Superboy into giving up his soul.

    Guest cast: Gregg Allman as Samuels, Christopher Neame as Deville, Claudia Miller as Beth, George Colangelo as David, Shavonne Rhodes as the bearded lady, John Edward Allen as the dwarf, Janice Shea as the fortune teller, Billy Gillespie as the cop, Elizabeth Fendrick as the woman hostess, Leslie Lacy as Shelley.