The Sons of Icarus


    Original Airdate: November 17, 1990

    Clark and Lana are amazed to see a man flying high in the sky. Changing into
    Superboy, Clark catches up to the man, just before he is killed by flying into a high-voltage wire. As he dies, he mumbles some clues to the Boy of Steel, leading him to Matt Ritter, a man who is being drawn into a cult made up of American descendants of a lost African tribe, who practice a ritual that gives them the power to fly. Each time they practice the ritual, an imbalance in nature occurs and a fire creature is created as a result. The creature sets off fires in its path, causing havoc and destruction-and even Superboy is unable to stop it. Clark and Lana learn of the cult’s secret and try to warn Matt before it’s too late.

    Guest cast: Brent Jenning as Teo, Lou Walker as Joseph, Alice McGill as Marinda, D. Christian Gottshall as Artie, Robb Morris as Malcolm, Annelle Johnson as Jasmine, Wayne Brady as John.