The Roads Not Taken, Part Two


    Original Airdate: November 10, 1990

    In his attempt to take Luthor back with him, Superboy is hurtled into yet a third world, in
    which his third alternate has become a sovereign. Trapped in this third dimension, Superboy learns that in this world he is a dictator who rules with an iron fist. The counterparts of Lex
    Luthor and Lana are freedom fighters who are part of an underground movement to overthrow the Sovereign and achieve democracy. Superboy faces off with the Sovereign
    Superboy in an attempt to stop him from destroying the freedom fighters.

    Guest cast: Kenneth Robert Shippy as Dr. Winger, Tracy Roberts as Darla, Robert Reynolds as the farmer, Robert Floyd as the messenger, Jason Paddell as the kid, Brian Grant as the fan, Edgar Allen Poe III as the derelict, Maureen Collins as the mom, Paul Matthew as the Superboy double, Jacob Wilkin as Advisor #1, Jack Swanson as Adviser #2, Steve DeMouchel as the driver, Jason Padgell as the kid, Tim Powell as the man.