The Roads Not Taken, Part One


    Original Airdate: November 3, 1990

    A scientist has created a dimension travel machine which allows entry into alternate worlds. By
    watching the device, people in our world can see how their lives would have changed if they had taken alternate paths. Lex Luthor is accidentally sent into another dimension through this
    machine and finds himself in a world where the alternate Superboy is a criminal and has murdered the alternate Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, in the present dimension, Lex’s girlfriend, Darla, kidnaps Lana to force Superboy to bring Luthor back. Lex schemes to resurrect himself and become the new messiah to the people of the alternate world.

    Guest cast: Kenneth Robert Shippy as Dr. Winger, Tracy Roberts as Darla, Robert Reynolds as the farmer, Robert Floyd as the messenger, Jason Paddell as the kid, Brian Grant as the fan, Edgar Allen Poe III as the derelict, Maureen Collins as the mom, Paul Matthew as the Superboy double, Jacob Wilkin as Advisor #1, Jack Swanson as Adviser #2, Steve DeMouchel as the driver, Jason Padgell as the kid, Tim Powell as the man.