The Road to Hell, Part Two


    Original Airdate: May 25, 1991

    Realizing that he is another dimension, Clark goes to see Dr. Winger, who, in Superboy’s
    world, had created an inter-dimensional travel device. But the Winger in the dimension didn’t have Superboy’s help and couldn’t complete it. Later, meeting a changed Lana who cares about nothing except a big story, she admits she doesn’t know Clark, but has heard of a young boy who lives in the wild with super powers. Meanwhile, while Superboy tries to figure out a way home, a radically different Lex Luthor has tracked down the young Superboy in Africa, where he plans to use the child to achieve his own selfish goals.

    Guest cast: Kenneth Robert Shippy as Dr. Winger, Tracy Roberts as Darla, Joel Carlson as
    the alternate Superboy, Carla Capps as Serena, Justina Vail as Dr. Winger’s assistant, James Zelly as the man, Arron Schnell as the three-year-old Superboy, Jesse Stone as the newspaper vendor, Ron Ely [Tarzan] as Superman, Manuel Depina as the second doctor, Doug Dobbs as the short cop, Kent Lindsey as the reporter.