The Road to Hell, Part One


    Original Airdate: May 18, 1991

    A large, menacing snake approaches a young child in a thick forest, but the child -obviously
    gifted with super powers -picks up the snake and throws it hundreds of feet. Watching the child through a dimensional portal, two strangers say that the child must not grow up on his own in the wilds, but it may be to late to help him. They then begin watching Superboy save a helpless car accident victim, and as she starts to kiss the Boy of Steel as a reward, he disappears and finds himself transported to the building he works at -except no one knows him now. What’s more, much has changed in this new world, such as the lady he saved was killed, Lana has now been working in the field for two years, and no one has ever heard of Superboy!

    Guest cast: Kenneth Robert Shippy as Dr. Winger, Tracy Roberts as Darla, Joel Carlson as
    the alternate Superboy, Carla Capps as Serena, Justina Vail as Dr. Winger’s assistant, James Zelly as the man, Arron Schnell as the three-year-old Superboy, Jesse Stone as the newspaper vendor, Ron Ely [Tarzan] as Superman, Manuel Depina as the second doctor, Doug Dobbs as the short cop, Kent Lindsey as the reporter.