Original Airdate: May 11, 1991

    The Bureau is having a get together for an employee leaving to return to college, when a
    stranger in the club begins asking questions about Clark and the others. Suddenly, he pulls a gun on the bartender to rob him, and when Clark starts to change into Superboy he is met by the hood’s accomplice. Unable to transform into his super alter ego, Clark becomes one of two dozen prisoners in the restaurant, being held by two convicts who escaped from a courtroom that morning. Police are searching door-to-door for the pair, and it’s only a matter of time before they arrive. Unfortunately, when they do show up, Mack is forced to run them off. Now, with Clark unable to change into his secret identity, they are at the whims of the two convicts.

    Guest cast: Tom Schuster as escaped convict #1, Philip J. Celia as escaped convict #2,
    Frances Peach as Fran, Barry Culler as Doug, Alan Landers as the cop, Sharie Doolittle as the screaming woman, Jim Greene as the bartender, Ralph Wilcox as Sergeant Barker, Lou Bedlord
    as Lt. Riley, Bob Sokoleras the reporter.