Wish for Armageddon


    Original Airdate: May 4, 1991

    Clark is having a problem with dreams. He keeps dreaming that terrible things
    are happening to the Soviets-things for which they are blaming the U.S. But when Clark wakes up, he finds out that these things are real. What he doesn’t realize, is he’s the one who’s doing
    them. Garrett Waters seems like an upstanding citizen, well known for his activity in charitable causes. He has even gotten Superboy to help him out by collecting donations and signing a
    Declaration of Principles advocating rights for the homeless. Trouble is, it’s also a contract with the devil. For Garrett Waters was once a Medieval monk, cursed to live until the end of the
    world. Throughout nine centuries, he has used this Satanic contract to try to cause Armageddon and it seems this time he may be successful.

    Guest cast: Robert Miano as Garrett Waters, Marc Macaulay as Lee Woods, Peter Palmer as the President, Gailna Loginova as the Russian officer, Rebecca Staples as the tortured woman, Walter Hook as Anatoil, Lewis Crume as the judge, Frank Hilgenberg as Dave, Angy Harper as the waitress, Peggy O’Neal as the wife, Craig Thomas as .the construction worker, Scott Mackenzie as the radar operator, Bob Sakoler as the reporter.