Mine Games


    Original Airdate: April 20, 1991

    As Superboy follows Lex Luthor, who is dragging the kidnapped Lana Lang into a mine, he finds himself in a trap. Luthor has lured Superboy into the abandoned mine where he plans to kill him with Kryptonite. But just as his evil plan is unveiled, the roof of the mine begins to collapse. Lex and Superboy are trapped together in a chamber of the mine while Lana is trapped on the other side, near the mine entrance, by a fallen rock. As the two men begin to run out of oxygen, Superboy convinces Luthor that the only way he will get out alive is to take the Kryptonite as far away as possible. The far end of the chamber is still not far enough, but Superboy remembers seeing a battery, now covered by fallen rock and dirt. Together, Superboy and Luthor dig for the battery, hoping the lead in it will be enough to shield Superboy from the deadly rays of the Kryptonite -otherwise, they are both sure to perish.