Jackson and Hyde


    Original Airdate: April 13, 1991

    Gail Peyton brings a bottle of her grandfather’s “Health and Strength” elixir in to
    the Bureau. Although Dennis Jackson is convinced it’s just snake oil, he agrees to send it to the lab, but forgets to drop it off. When he later gets in an accident and is trapped in his car, he
    drinks the elixir. Amazingly, it gives him the strength to break out of the car, but it also makes him wild and mean. The next morning, his personality is still strange-he is pleasant and jovial
    -and decides to go out in the field with Matt. As they leave we learn that a man was beaten to death very near where Jackson had his accident. While Matt and Dennis are on a call, they meet Elissa, and later that night, Dennis goes to the club Elissa sings at to meet her, first going to Gail for more elixir. Suspicious, Gail follows him and watches as he drinks the elixir for
    courage, then bursts into Elissa’s dressing room and chases her into the parking lot. Elissa hides in a car and, though Jackson seemingly passes her by, something crashes in and kills her.

    Guest cast: Heather Ehlers as Gail Peyton, Juice Newton, Barry Culler as Hank, Kelly Muilis as Brenda.