People vs. Metallo


    Original Airdate: April 6, 1991

    While Mr. Corben is on trial for Metallo’s numerous crimes, he has a chunk of
    Kryptonite smuggled into the courtroom -just as Superboy is taking the stand. Placing the Kryptonite in his chest, Mr. Corben transforms himself into Metallo, takes over the room, and
    decides to use the jury to prove that Superboy is the guilty one for leading him into the life of crime. Metallo tells the jury about Superboy talking Metallo into helping him raid a military base. When Metallo asks Superboy if the events are true, he must answer “yes” and the jury is shocked. Lana insists Superboy have the right of defense and Metallo agrees -appointing Lana
    as Superboy’s defense counselor, whereupon she shows that Superboy was under the effects of red Kryptonite. When Metallo claims that he was not in his right mind either, Lana shows
    an important difference -even under the influence of red Kryptonite, Superboy wouldn’t kill. Reminding the jury of all that Superboy has done for them, and invoking the principles he
    fights for and which the court represents, Lana so persuades the jury and the rest of the people in the courtroom that they all turn against Metallo and charge at him.

    Guest cast: Michael Callan as Mr. Corben/Metallo, Janis Nenson as the judge, Tim Powell
    as Nichols, Paul Brown as Prof. Schwartz, Kurt Smildain as the doctor, Jim McDonals as Gen. Swain, Barry Mizerski as scientist#1, Henry J. as scientist #2, Doreen Chalmers as the older
    woman, Joann Hawkins as Greta, Ric Reitz as the Sloane defense attorney, Greg Paul Meyers as Gunther.