The Bride of Bizarro, Part Two


    Original Airdate: October 13, 1990

    After Lex Luthor creates a Bizarro duplicate of Lana Lang, Bizarro agrees to kill Superboy. But the scheme backfires as the newly-created Bizarro Lana convinces Bizarro not to kill Superboy and instead annihilate the sinister genius, Luthor. Not one to be caught unprepared, Luthor unleashes a whole army of Bizarro duplicates of himself to destroy both Superboy and Bizarro.

    Guest cast: Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Tracy Roberts as Darla, Wendy Leigh as Jody James Donatello, James Zelley as Mike, Leith Audrey as Bizarro Darla, D. Christian Gottshall as Artie, Bruce Hamilton as the reporter, Shanna Teare as Bizarro Lana, Eric Whitmore as the bartender, Bill Orsini as the man.