Original Airdate: February 23, 1991

    A distraught woman, Christina Riley, brings a videotape to the bureau which she
    claims shows a werewolf, which she has been tracking for months, attacking her. Although it is blurred, Clark, using his super-vision, claim she can see something so Jackson gives him
    the case. Together, Clark and Christina try to track down Canaris, the man whom Christina believes is the werewolf. Christina, armed with a silver dagger, and Clark trace Canaris to
    his office on the night of a full moon. Starting to make the change, Canaris locks himself in his office, while Clark turns to find Christina has mysteriously vanished, leaving the silver dagger behind on an ashtray. Canaris, as the werewolf, bursts out of his office. Clark turns into Superboy and the two begin to fight until the werewolf falls onto the dagger and dies, turning
    back into his human form. When Clark sees Christina the following day, she is relieved that it is over and the two go to the University City Studio Tour. After they leave, the Bureau gets
    the report that here was another werewolf attack the night before and they reason that Canaris must have scratched Christina the night she made the videotape, passing the curse along to her.

    Guest cast: Paula Marshall as Christina Riley, Robert Winston as Canaris, Jay Glick as the jeweler, Barry Cutler as Doug, Kelfus Matthews as the security guard, Ray Russell as the office