Rebirth, Part Two


    Original Airdate: February 16, 1991

    Needing time to think, Superboy goes home to Ma and Pa Kent, convinced
    that he should give up using his powers. But, when Clark has to use his powers to save his father,he realizes that he cannot turn his back on the gifts with which he was born. He must return to Capital City and use his powers for justice. Back in the city, as Llewellyn plans to raid a military depository of its latest weapons and is setting up a buyer for the goods, Mayall’s greed is too much for him and he again approaches Llewellyn for more
    money. This time, when Mayall leaves, Llewellyn orders Desmond to kill him. But Lana has been checking up on Mayall and, finding he has spent an exorbitant amount of money since
    the “accident”, is suspicious. Clark arrives at the Bureau to find Lana has gone to question Mayall. Lana arrives at Mayall’s apartment just as Desmond is tying him up, about to leave him
    with a bomb. She hides in a closet while Desmond questions Mayall, who explains that Llewellyn knocked Winston unconscious and threw him in the car when it was already in flames. Desmond hears Lana and ties her up as well, leaving both her and Mayall to be blown to bits.

    Guest cast: Gregory Millar as Llewellyn, Michael Owens as Mayall, Kevin Benton as Desmond, Kevin Benion as Desmond, Joseph Pickney as Winston, Bob Sakaler as the reporter, Robert M. Rodriguez as Hector, W. Paul Bodie as Lemont, Paul Darby as Capt. Quentin, Steve Roulerson as the sergeant, Rita Rehn and woman, Michael Balin as Lt. Fulton, Roger Prettaas Marshal.