Rebirth, Part One


    Original Airdate: February 9, 1991

    When Superboy stops a gang newly arrived from the Caribbean from raiding a military truck full of weapons, it seems that he accidentally causes the death of Winston, the gang’s leader. An eye-witness, Mayall, swears that Winston was in an abandoned car when Superboy crashed an out-of control truck into it.although Superboy had first x-rayed the car to make sure there was no one in it. Superboy is suddenly in doubt of himself, a doubt which increases when the gang’s new leader, Llewellyn, later uses a female hostage to getaway from Superboy, whose hesitation puts the woman at risk.

    Guest cast: Gregory Millar as Llewellyn, Michael Owens as Mayall, Kevin Benton as Desmond, Kevin Benion as Desmond, Joseph Pickney as Winston, Bob Sakaler as the reporter, Robert M. Rodriguez as Hector, W. Paul Bodie as Lemont, Paul Darby as Capt. Quentin, Steve Roulerson as the sergeant, Rita Rehn and woman, Michael Balin as Lt. Fulton, Roger Prettaas Marshal.