Original Airdate: February 2, 1991

    Knowing Superboy’s desire to discover where he came from, Lex Luthor uses Dr. Oliver
    Deland to trick Superboy into an experiment which is supposed to help him find his past. In reality, Superboy is hooked up to a machine which allows Luthor to switch bodies with him. Superboy, in Luthor’s body, tries to make Lana believe that it’s really him. She doesn’t trust him at first, but after a visit from Luthor (in Superboy’s body) during which he suggested they make their relationship more intimate, Lana begins to realize that neither Luthor nor Superboy have been behaving in character. After Luthor captures the real Superboy, and has him put in jail as Luthor, Lana gets him out and together they set out to trap the real Luthor.

    Guest cast: Nathan Adler as Dr. Oliver Deland, D. Christian Gottshall as Artie, Ken Grant as Dad, Valerie Grant as Mom, Carrie Ann Reiter as the girl, Ryan Porter as the bob, Randy Heim as the burly man, Bob Barnes as the warden, Joe Candeiara as the governor, Lamont Lofton as the cop, Ann Morsello as the newswoman, Kurt Smildsin as the guard, Shawn McAllister as the jailer.