A Day in the Double Life


    Original Airdate: January 26, 1991

    Jackson can’t understand why Clark is always running off on “little emergencies”, so he has him keep a diary for a day. Since he spends the day changing from Clark to Superboy and back, he’s forced to make innocuous entries to conceal his identity. And when agents Harris and Keller spend the day fighting with each other, Superboy discovers that their real problem is that they care for each other and neither wants to be the first to admit it. At the opportune time, Superboy does “a small favor for some friends … “, using his super breath to blow Harris into Keller’s arms. At the end of the day, Jackson declares, after looking at Clark’s diary, that he knows the truth about him – he has no life.

    Guest cast: Allyce Beasly as Agent Stephanie Harris, Tom Kouchalakos as Agent Frank Keller, Jeff Maldovan as the leader, Billy Gillespie as cop #1, Bill Painter as the traffic cop, Jesse Stone as Eddie, Carl Campeon as man #2, Jack Carrol as the hunter, Barry Cutler as Doug, Dan Fitzgerald as the sheriff, Allison McKay as the farm woman.