Original Airdate: January 19, 1991

    An old Jewish man, Levi Hirsch, distressed at the amount of bigotry in the world, creates
    a golem -a creature formed from clay which is brought to a human-like life through prayers from a mystical book of ancient Judaism, the Kaballah. But Levi is unable to control the creature when he sends it after some neo-Nazis which live in his neighborhood. In the Golem’s haste to do Levi’s bidding and attack the neo-Nazis, he accidentally kills Levi. Distraught, the Golem has only the original purpose Levi gave him for guidance -he must kill all bigots, which, in his illogical mind, includes anyone in a uniform.

    Guest cast: Paul Coufos as Daniel, Brian Thompson as the Golem, Victor Helou as Levi, Darren Dollar as Mike, Larry Bucklan as Jonah, Matt Battaglia as Darryll, Chris Vanceas the first kid, Kristopher Kazmarek as the second kid.