Neila and the Beast


    Original Airdate: January 12, 1991

    Neila, the alien princess who once had designs on Superboy, has come back to
    Earth for his help: the “commoners” of her planet have killed all the other aristocrats and are intent on her death as well. As she asks Superboy to help her, a beast appears which they kill, and its body is taken to the Bureau for study. Neila then goes to Lana who agrees to help her and tries to give her some advice -Neila must learn that all people are much the same, no matter what their background. Lana takes Neila to a bar and encourages her to return the friendliness of Mitch, who is actually one of the commoners sent to kill Neila. Mitch invites Neila, along with Lana and a date, to his house for dinner. When Lana’s date, Clark, is delayed because the beast’s carcass which he is examining comes back to life, she leaves so that Neila can be alone with Mitch, but once Lana is gone he and his cohort attack Neila with a ray machine. Meanwhile, Superboy follows the beast who explains that he loves Neila, and she is in grave danger.

    Guest cast: Christine Moore as Neila, Terence Jenkins as Mitch, Chris McCarty as Peter, Judy Clayton as Stern, Danny Dyer as Hank, Christopher Oyen as the first scientist, Tom Akas
    as the beast.