Special Effects


    Original Airdate: January 5, 1991

    Jackson overhears Lana and Clark complaining that they are never given any real work
    to do so he decides to do them a favor. He sends them to interview a 10 year old child -the only witness to the murder of a film director. Their investigation brings them to the late
    director’s movie set where they encounter Max Von Norman, the special effects man who created the monster, Caliban, which the child claims was the murderer. On the set, Clark and Lana also encounter their old friend, Andy McAlister, who is an intern on the film. The trio is on the set when the film’s leading man is killed and the monster responsible, Ajax, is seen fleeing the crime. Superboy’s attempt to catch the creature is foiled by Max, who destroys Ajax with a futuristic flame thrower. Suspicious of Max’s motives for killing Ajax, Lana accepts an invitation to a party at Max’s house and discovers a door to another dimension from which Max has been obtaining the monsters and using them both as models for his work and as killers -sending them after all the film people that once scorned him.

    Guest cast: Richard Marcus as Max Von Norman, Barry Meyers as Caliban,
    Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Andy McAllister, Bill Cardell as the writer, Denise Locca as Risa, Jim Cardes as Lou Lloyd, Rob Burman as Ajax, Caria Kneeland as the ingenue, Bodie Piecas
    as Robin Melville, Andrea Lively as Mrs. Watson, Danny Gura as Teddy, Candice Miller as the script girl.