Original Airdate: December 15, 1990

    While trying to deflect the comet which is hurtling toward Earth, Superboy is
    knocked to the ground in the Florida Everglades, stricken with amnesia. He is found by Marissa and her son Jeremy, who have long been living in the swamp and do not recognize him. The
    three of them are constantly surprised by his powers which he soon must call on to save Jeremy from his father, Damon, the leader of the Satanic cult to which Marissa once belonged.
    Superboy foils the cult’s first attempt to kidnap the boy, but their second attempt is successful. While with the cult, Jeremy sees a newspaper with Superboy’ s picture and a headline about the comet. When Superboy rescues him, Jeremy shows him the clipping which begins to trigger his memory. Superboy rushes after the comet and recalls just in time, what went wrong before.
    He tries a different strategy and hopes that he can deflect the comet before it crashes into Earth.

    Guest cast: Sara Essex as Marissa, Kevin Quigley as Damon, Juan Cejas as Jon, Kevin
    Corrigan as the ranger, Paul Sutera as Jeremy, Shaun Padgett.