Original Airdate: December 8, 1990

    At the end of a typical workday at the Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters, a construction
    worker brings in a strange stone which he claims is making noises. As the stone begins to glow and crack, Clark rushes to change into Superboy who then fuses the rock back together, but
    to no avail. The rock explodes and a transparent oozing creature launches itself onto Superboy and wraps itself around his neck. The Bureau must watch helplessly as even lasers are not able to cut the creature away. Superboy floats in and out of bizarre dreams, while the alien feeds on the adrenaline these dreams cause, growing larger and larger. Finally, it appears that Superboy
    is truly dying, and in his dreams he travels outside of himself and through a tunnel of light. At the end of the tunnel, he meets his real parents, who are dead, and they tell him it is not his time. Feeling more confident, Superboy goes back into himself, now renewed with the strength to battle the alien.

    Guest cast: Lex Luger as Superboy Mark II, Judy Clayton as Stem, Sonya Mattox as staffer# 1, Chris Calvert as staffer #2, Rod Ball as the worker, Jacob Wilkin as the man, Kathy Polling as the woman, Cliff O’Neal as the Superboy double.