Programmed For Death


    Original Airdate: December 2, 1989

    Andy receives a call from his father, which is bad news as far as he is concerned, as the man is always in trouble, whether it be with the law of the Mob. Arriving at a meeting place Andy agreed to see him at, he finds a van containing not his father, but a high-tech robot with Jack McAlister’s voice, who knocks Andy unconscious. The next day Jack shows up at Shuster University and meets Clark and Lana, whom he tells about his prison record and criminal activities, during which time Andy was sent to live with an uncle. Jack claims he is looking for Andy, who hasn’t been seen since the day before, and he wants to contact Superboy to report a murder in order to save himself from being killed. Later, Superboy finds about the “killer,” which is actually an evil mechanical robot – called a “Dreadbot” – which has a sinister, human-like brain. The evil machine reflects the dark side of the mind of Jack McAlister, and intends to kill Superboy. After it absorbs all the electrical power in the city, the Dreadbot aims a lethal charge at Superboy as Andy and Jack look on helplessly.

    Guest cast: George Mahari as Jack McAlister, Bryce Ward as the detective, Eric Whitmore as the cop, Ottaviano as the security guard.