The Battle With Bizarro, Part Two


    Original Airdate: November 18, 1989

    Andy McAlister rescues Superboy from lethal Kryptonite. The Boy of Steel, together with Professor Peterson, figures out that the Kryptonite didn’t work on Bizarro because he is a defective copy, and the Kryptonite needs to be a defective version as well. Meanwhile, Bizarro tries to explain his love to an unapprecia­tive Lana who only wants to go free, but he insists that they will live together forever. Outside the store they are hiding in, the police arrive to “rescue” Lana, not knowing that Bizarro is as powerful as his better half. He quickly shows what he is capable of,and a call is put out for Superboy to help. He arrives with the warped style of Kryptonite hoping it will stop Bizarro, but the attempt fails. Instead, he saves the creature from a natural com­bustion that results from his duplicate nature. By this time Superboy realizes that Bizarro is not inherently evil, and the strange creature tearfully releases Lana to Superboy once he realizes that she belongs with him.

    Guest cast: Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Tom Norwicki as the police sergeant, Larry Lee as the clown, John McLoughlinas the S.W.A.T. leader.