Bizarro…The Thing of Steel


    Original Airdate: November 11, 1989

    When Professor Peterson gets into a new project it usually spells trouble for Superboy. This time he is trying out duplicating machine that doesn’t work out planned, and he accidentally creates a bizarre duplication of Superboy. The creature, named “Bizarro,” has all the strength of Superboy and warped duplicate memories and emotions. As a result, he gets away and tries to take the place of Clark. Andy sees him and think Clark has merely dressed up for a costume party he is supposed to take Lana to. Arriving at the party, Lana is upset over his making her wait so long when he shows no signs of being sorry. She gets mad and slaps him, but he takes the slap as a sign of love. Changing into his Superboy costume, he kidnaps Lana Lang as he too has strong feelings for her. At that moment Superboy arrives to attempt to rescue Lana by exposing the creature to Kryptonite, but while the rock is killing Superboy it has no effect on Bizarro, who leaves Superboy dieing near the Kryptonite.

    Guest cast: Barry Meyers as Bizarro, Valerie Grant as the mom, Billy Flanigan as Todd, Christy Lyle as the girl, Kristian Trueloen as the cop, Andrew Lamoureaux as the kid, Chris Lombardi as the student.