Nightmare Island


    Original Airdate: November 4, 1989

    Andy has talked Lana and Clark into going boating with him although they are reluctant to leave when they learn that the “ship” is little more than a dilapidated row boat. Sure enough, it sinks, but the three teenagers are able to make it to shore safely on a small island. Once there, Superboy arrives explaining that he heard their radio signal to the coast guard, but as he tries to fly Lana back to the coast he is knocked out by a strange ray. It turns out that a deranged alien is also stranded on the deserted island, and after knocking out Superboy he kidnaps Lana Lang and attempts to kill Andy McAllister and Clark Kent. The creature robs Superboy’s powers with his ray gun, leaving Andy and the now­ mortal Superboy to team up to rescue Lana and apprehend the alien.

    Guest cast: Phil Fondacaro as the alien.